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Patient Reviews

"Dr. Grant Encalade & Laura are my saviors. I am absolutely terrified of the dentist and put off routine care as long as I can. However, ever since finding these two and the team at 2222 Dental, I can officially say that I am over my fears. Both Laura & Grant consistently provide top quality care and comfort. Plus, they are very personable and go the extra mile for their patients. (Thank you for penciling me in for additional services on the spot the other day!). Not to mention, their facility is very welcoming and office staff are fabulous to work with. Thank you for the sweet birthday card + Starbucks gift card! There aren't enough stars on Yelp's for this amazing team."
Haley H.

"Our thanks to Dr Grant & his staff for their professionalism. Dr Grant's work with proper crown fitting is impressive. We were glad they (espDr Grant himself) explained the procedure in a simple manner. They also helped us with the billing / payment process which was a huge relief.
Thanks again!"
Zenitha O.

"I have to say this place is A+. I was extremely scared of anything to do with any dental experience until I came here. The whole staff made me feel so comfortable and at ease with my whole experience. They were very through on explaining my whole process. They were always available to answer any question that came up. I would suggest to any friends, family or strangers to come here over anywhere else. Thank ya'll so much for finally letting me smile again and also for the self confidence that ya'll gave me back."

"Amazing place. They completely transformed my smile! I feel so much more confident and I'm so proud to show off my smile. The staff were so kind and informative. I used to grind my teeth but they use technology and a lab to size my new teeth just right .. I don't grind anymore. I don't have headaches all the time. I'm so thankful I found this place."

"His office and staff has always been well organized in a pleasant and clean office! Dr Meyers is a very caring and we'll trained doc!

"First visit...thoroughly impressed. They made sure I was well aware of everything every step of the way...from finances to why they're doing what they're doing. Let's me feel like I have some type of control over what's happening every step of the way."

"The entire staff is super friendly, professional, helpful, and caring. The dental work is great! And the building is very nice and relaxing inside and outside. Thank you for making the dentist experience so nice!"


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