Aging and Your Oral Health


The health of your teeth is important at any age, but as you get older, more issues are likely to occur that can ruin the look of your smile and make it difficult to participate in some of your familiar activities. At B.J. Myers DDS & Associates, we provide special care during the aging process, enabling you to fight potential oral health issues and continue with proper oral health no matter how old you may be.


Regardless of your age, oral decay is an issue that you may experience. We see many patients that suffer from tooth decay over the age of 65 whether due to medications they are taking that cause changes in their mouth, poor diet or the lack of frequency that they come into the office. In order to ensure cavity prevention, it is important to keep up your oral health habits including visiting our office twice a year to assess the health of your mouth and make any necessary changes to your routine to prevent cavities from occurring.

Difficulty Eating

Over time, oral health issues can make it difficult for you to eat. Gum disease, dentures that are not fitting correctly, missing teeth, and infections can all make it difficult to eat the foods that you love. This can begin to wreak havoc on your overall health as your body does not get the vitamins and nutrients necessary for good health.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is known as an infection in the gums and other surrounding tissues. While it is able to affect people at any age, it is an issue that will get worse with age. In the more advanced stages, this infection can cause sore gums, excessive bleeding, pain when brushing or flossing, difficulty eating, tooth and bone loss.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is an issue that many seniors deal with often. This issue can be due to the variety of medications that may be prescribed for overall physical health. We recommend drinking plenty of water and other fluids to help counteract this issue and to maintain your regular dental appointments to assess the damages that may have occurred.

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