Are you worried about a Lump in Your Mouth?

If you feel or notice unusual lumps and bumps in your mouth, it is always best to see us immediately. There are many possible causes for oral bumps and lumps and most of them are not causes for concern, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

At the end of the day, you can never be sure that you have nothing to worry about if you keep everything to yourself or merely google symptoms on the internet.

You need to come and visit us since we are the ones who can truly help and ease your worries.

Oral Cysts: The Most Common Reason for Bumps in the Mouth

While there are many possible oral health concerns that can cause lumps and bumps in the mouth, one of the most common is oral cysts that affect the various tissues of the mouth, including the gums, tongue, throat, and mucosal linings of the lips, cheeks, and oral cavity, among others.

There are several types of oral cysts, one of which is a mucous cyst that affects the tissues in the inner cheek or lip and tongue. Mucous cysts commonly appear because of irritation or injury to the affected tissues and they usually heal even without medical intervention apart from mucous cysts of the gums and the floor of the mouth.

Another type of oral cyst is a dental cyst which forms near or over the crown of unerupted wisdom teeth. Dental cysts can cause tooth movement, particularly if it is too big and while extremely rare, it is also associated with the development of oral cancer. Periapical cysts, on the other hand, are oral cysts that form because of tooth pulp infection that was left untreated.

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