Best Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay

One of the questions we most commonly see is whether there are any tips or tricks to prevent tooth decay.

If you have often wondered what steps you could take in order to ensure a longer life out of your smile, here are some things to keep in mind.

Remember What Your Mother Told You

Remember when you were younger, and your mother continually told you to brush your teeth before bed? That's still the best advice there is.

Of course, you need to brush more than just at bedtime, but it is especially important to thoroughly clean your mouth before you go to sleep. During the day, when you are awake, saliva circulates through your mouth, helping rinse away some of the things that promote tooth decay.

But when you go to sleep, saliva production greatly decreases. One effect of this is that your teeth are more susceptible to decay. For this reason, proper hygiene before retiring for the evening is a must.

When You Cannot Brush, Rinse

You already know that it's a good idea to brush your teeth after eating or drinking, especially if the foods you are consuming tend to have higher than normal levels of sugar or acids in them. However, even if you are unable to get away long enough to brush, you can still help protect your teeth by rinsing your mouth vigorously for a few seconds.

The bacteria that reside in your mouth live by consuming elements in the food you eat. (They especially love sugar, which is why sugar is so bad for your teeth.) As they digest the particles of food remaining in your mouth after a meal, they release byproducts of their own biological processes.

One of these is an acid that damages your teeth. Rinsing, even if you can't brush, helps reduce the acid levels in your mouth, thus protecting your teeth. Keep the above items in mind, and you'll enjoy a happier, healthier smile.

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