Can You Stain Your Tooth Colored Fillings?


If you have a cavity is in need of a filling, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you aren't just restricted to the old, metal fillings that you've gotten in the past.

Today, an even better option is available - tooth-colored fillings. These fillings are a great solution to your cavity because they are less noticeable than the metal fillings of years past, so when you smile or chew, you won't be putting big silver fillings on display.

If you do choose to get a tooth-colored filling, it is important to note that some of these fillings are just as susceptible to staining as your natural teeth, especially those made out of composite resin. Certain foods and beverages are especially problematic, and the extent of the problem will depend on exactly what you are consuming.

Studies of fillings made out of composite resins showed that different drinks led to different levels of staining, with red wine and coffee being the top strainers. It may come to no surprise that water was the beverage with the least staining properties.

If you do want to get a tooth colored filling, but are concerned about staining, ceramic fillings are much better options. These fillings are very resistant to stains and often retain their original color even though they are exposed to dark beverages and foods.

Knowing this information, you may think that the risk of staining is okay because you can just whiten your teeth if staining occurs. Unfortunately, this isn't true, as your tooth-colored fillings won't respond to traditional teeth whitening systems the same way your natural teeth would. That means they can become more discolored than your natural teeth, so keep this information in mind when choosing how to fill your teeth.

If you need additional tips on choosing a filling material for treating your cavity, contact our dental office for guidance.


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