Cavities and Dental Sealants

Many adults assume that childhood and cavities go hand in hand. Children are known for eating foods that are high in sugar, and for not brushing their teeth like they should. Both of those qualities are a set up for tooth decay.

The placement of dental sealants may mean the difference between lifelong healthy teeth and the pain and health risks that are associated with chronic decay.

How do sealants work?

Sealants are a plastic coating that the dentist paints on in liquid form and then dries hard. This encases the tooth, and protects it from bacteria. There has been much debate on the success of sealants, and studies have shown that the success of the sealant depends largely on the skill of the dentist who applies it.

Parents should be asking for sealants for their children, if the dentist is not confidant in their effectiveness, find a dentist who is, don't take no for an answer.

Dental sealants is still a quiet topic, though it shouldn't be. Many dentists are not recommending them like they should be. Only about 20 percent of children who are statistically placed at poverty level and 40 percent of children from medium to higher income homes receive sealants, according to studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, though it is recommended by the American Dental Association.

Some dentists, mostly those who are family dentists and see very few children, can express concern, sealants can be tricky to place, pediatric dentists may be best.

Decades of research has demonstrated that by coating the biting surfaces of your child's 6-year molars with a resin based sealant, they will reduce the incidence of cavities by up to 80 percent immediately, and up to 60 percent after many years. We believe that it is imperative to seal your children's teeth as soon as their adult teeth erupt, they will have a longer, healthier life for their teeth.

Please contact us if you have any questions about dental sealants, and cavities.

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