Common Debris to Find in Your Toothbrush

When is the last time you sanitized your toothbrush? Do you make sure to replace your toothbrush every three months like your dentist says to? If you don't sanitize your toothbrush regularly, or replace it as often as you should, you could be putting some of these types of germs into your mouth and into your body.

Germs and Debris You Can Expect

E.coli is commonly found in toothbrushes that haven't been sanitized. When you flush, especially if the toilet lid remains open, that means that fecal matter flies around the room. You inhale some of it, and the rest of it settles on anything stationary in the room. You never want to put that in your mouth.

The bacteria that causes MRSA and a staph infection are also commonly found on toothbrushes. The bacteria responsible for strep also travel around on a toothbrush, just like staph. The moist, damp environment that exists between toothbrush bristles is ideal for bacteria growth. This could make you incredibly sick.

The most common types of bacteria for people who develop pneumonia are also commonly present on toothbrushes. This is especially true in sanitary environments, since these bacteria cannot live on other surfaces that get sanitized more regularly, like the counters in hospital rooms.

Here are a few others you may want to think about that also love to live on your toothbrush. The bacteria that cause cold sores (herpes), yeast infections (Candida), and oral cancer (HPV) all like your toothbrush. Top that off with the fact that there is also blood living on your toothbrush, and think about the cocktail you often put into your mouth.

If you want to learn how to properly sanitize your toothbrush, contact our office. He or she can walk you through the best options to keep these germs and bacteria, among others, from ever reaching your mouth.

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