Does Your Oral Hygiene Routine Change with Autoimmune Disorders?

There are plenty of people who suffer from autoimmune disorders. Many people have one of these conditions and do not even realize that it is an autoimmune disorder.

They do what they have to manage the condition, but they may not do everything their body needs. It is possible that their oral health will feel an impact on their condition. Some changes in their oral hygiene routine can prevent problems from occurring.

How Autoimmune Conditions Affect Your Oral Health

A key to preventing the problems of an autoimmune condition and your oral health is knowing what the potential problems are. The most common autoimmune condition that people suffer from is diabetes. Diabetes can lead to a higher incidence of gum disease and thrush.

This is due to the higher level of glucose in their saliva. Dry mouth is another condition connected to autoimmune conditions. Dry mouth can lead to tooth decay and other oral health issues. People are more likely to suffer from mouth sores and ulcers that are also harder to heal because of their other condition.

Using Oral Hygiene to Prevent Problems

Of all the problems listed above, the key to preventing them is practicing good oral hygiene. A person with an autoimmune condition needs to remain vigilant in their oral health care. They need to make sure they are brushing their teeth and flooding properly.

They need to avoid shortcuts such as brushing for less than 2 minutes or not using a fresh piece of loss between the teeth. The adjustments that people need to make are taking the time to practice their habits the right way.

Another thing people can do is add an antiseptic mouthwash to their regular routine. There are some products designed for people with problems with their immune system. This extra step adds another layer of protection.

Of course, the most important routine a person needs to have is regular checkups at our dental offices. Our professionals can help spot and treat problems before they get worse.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to help improve your oral health.

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