How Having Straighter Teeth Can Boost Your Oral Health

Since childhood many people have been told to keep an eye on their oral health: to brush daily and ensure that yearly and twice year check-ups are attended.

For some people, having crooked teeth is also seen as a sign of bad oral health.

This is why a lot of people tend to get braces when they are younger, to ensure that their teeth grow straight. While some people may only see straight teeth as an aesthetic issue, you may be surprised to learn that they can benefit your dental health in many ways.

The Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Aside from aesthetic issues, one of the most common problems that crooked teeth can bring is pain. Teeth growing at odd angles can grind against other teeth, leading to cavities and even dislodging them at certain angles. By ensuring that your teeth are straight, you can avoid this completely and ensure that all of your teeth sit in their rightful places.

Straight teeth can ensure that your gums remain healthy and help you to avoid periodontal disease. They are also much easier to clean, as crooked teeth can cover up the small nooks and crannies which make it difficult for the toothbrush bristles to get in between.

With straight teeth, you will also have a significantly lower risk of tooth injury, since the teeth will not smash or crack against one another. With straight teeth, you will also experience far less neck and head pain, which is often something that can be caused by crooked or decaying teeth.

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