How to Manage a Crack in Your Veneers

Picture this – you're eating popcorn, a steak dinner, or something else that is difficult to chew, and you suddenly feel your veneer break. You suspect that your veneer is cracked, and now you need to take steps to protect your tooth. These tips can help you to do that.

Cracked Veneers

If you look in the mirror and notice a craze line or crack in the veneer, it is important to visit our office, even if the veneer remains whole and in place. In these situations, you need to let us know about the fracture. A crack can allow bacteria in, and they can impact the natural tooth under the restoration. Additionally, cracks will accumulate stains with time, and this can further spoil the appearance of your smile.

How Cracked Veneers Are Replaced

Unfortunately, there isn't a good way to repair this type of veneer problem. Patching the veneer isn't a viable solution, as there isn't a way for us to fill the crack or to bond the pieces of porcelain back together again. Instead, we'll need to remove the old veneer and replace it with a new one.

Prevent Future Cracks

If you have a cracked veneer replaced, you'll need to be careful in the future to avoid further problems. Good oral hygiene is the foundation for proper veneer care, so make sure you brush and floss regularly to prevent tooth decay and plaque buildup. This prevents decay in the original tooth, which can affect the bond between the tooth and the veneer.

There are other precautions that can protect your veneers. Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations in the mouth, as these can cause the veneers to crack. You should also avoid hard foods and chewing on non-food items like pens and ice. All of these tips can help to protect your natural teeth and veneers from breaking.

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