Oral Biopsy Pain is Easy to Manage

For most people, the hardest part about getting an oral biopsy done is waiting for the results. The procedure is nerve-wracking, but it isn't often seen as overly painful. The area to be biopsied is numbed before the procedure, so it is nearly painless to have done. Even after it is done, most people find the pain easy to manage. It is just difficult waiting to hear what the results are.

How to Manage Any Discomfort You Have Following an Oral Biopsy

If you have pain following an oral biopsy, it is important that you know what medications are safe for you to take, and what aren't. This should be a question you ask your dentist prior to the procedure. They will likely tell you that all you may need is an over-the-counter medication to manage the pain.

Try opting for naproxen sodium or ibuprofen if at all possible. They last longer than acetaminophen, allowing you to remain pain-free for longer periods of time between doses. They also are good at keeping the inflammation down so your pain goes away quicker.

While waiting for the results, do what you can to keep yourself busy. The busier you stay, the less the question of when that call will come in, will bother you. Try keeping busy with hobbies, family members, and chores. It will help the time pass faster, plus help you get tired so you don't lie in bed at night worrying.

Your dentist will do anything and everything he or she can to get you the results as quickly as possible. Then, once you know what the results are, they will work with you to decide what to do next. It may be preparing a treatment, or it may be dealing with a rough patch of skin that feels odd. You never know!

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