Protecting Your Lips When It Gets Cold Outside

When it gets cold outside, oftentimes you think about protecting your head, your hands, your body but never usually your lips or face.

However, it might be time to start thinking about protecting this area of the body. You don't want to cause more problems by forgetting to cover one thing on the body.

The outside air will work to make your lips dry, tight and uncomfortable. No one wants to deal with this. Not when it comes to being more comfortable with the air around you.

Make sure that you cover up those lips before you head outside to protect the rest of your mouth from the cold winter days ahead.

Why Protect Your Lips

Going outside means bundling up, but usually the last place that people choose to cover is their lips. This can cause the lips to become dry, cracked and brittle due to the harsh air that comes into contact with them. This not only makes the mouth drier, but it can cause bacteria to grow in the mouth at a much faster rate.

When this bacteria grows, this can cause the mouth to decay at a much faster rate. This means more cavities and problems in the mouth then you want to deal with.

Make sure you're protecting yourself and your mouth when it comes to dealing with the cold weather that is upon us all. Dermatologists are in agreement with dentists when it comes to protecting the mouth. Be the right person to cover up and protect because it makes the most sense.

Speak with us here at our dental office if you want to learn more about protecting your mouth during the cold weather and why it is something everyone should do. We can help you learn even more about dental health and the benefits of staying warm.

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