Should Old Fillings Come Out and Be Replaced


Have you ever wondered if your old fillings should be replaced? There are two answers to this. If your old fillings are still sitting in your teeth perfectly fine and not causing you any type of an issue, then the chances are, it is fine and doesn't need to be replaced.

However, if it is loose, causes you pain, or is unsightly due to it being dark in an easy-to-see front tooth, then you may want to have it replaced. However, when an old filling isn't giving you any reason to replace it, there's really no reason to have it done.

What Your Options Are Should You Need One Replaced

Should you find yourself in a situation where you do need to have a filling replaced, then you have a few different options.

First, you can have the old filling taken out and replaced with a new filling of the same variety.

When your old filling had nothing wrong with it other than maybe being loose, there's no reason to not use the same kind for the new one.

Second, you can go with a composite filling. This is nearly as durable as the older style of fillings, but it is made of a lighter material that blends in with your teeth.

Finally, some dentists are also offering glass fillings. These are good for teeth that are only used delicately, as they can break if you aren't careful, but they do blend in easily with your surrounding tooth.

If you aren't sure if an old filling may need replacing, then contact our office. He or she can see your filling and how loose or strong it is better than anyone else. Plus, if it does need replacing, your dentist can tell you which options you have to fill it best!


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