Simple Ways of Keeping Your Teeth Whiter


You do not need to go out and buy whitening kits or have your dentist whiten your teeth if you are only looking for a way to whiten your smile a little bit. After all, it will get a little dingy for all of us as we age.

If you want to bring back the brightness to your smile, there are a few things that you can do right away that will help. Here are a few tips to bring a bit of sparkle back to your smile.

Easy Ways to Increase the White in Your Smile

When is the last time you replaced your toothbrush, or your toothbrush head? If you don't know the answer, replace it.

Having a new brush with good bristles is a great way to get more gunk off of your teeth. Just remember, you want soft bristles that are going to clean your teeth and gums, not slice them up.

Do you use mouthwash? If so, make sure yours has a little hydrogen peroxide in it. That's the most common whitening ingredient that most kits have to brighten your smile, so why not use it when you simply want a bacteria-free, good smelling mouth?

Finally, snack on raw veggies and berries. Berries and raw vegetables like celery and carrots help to whiten your teeth naturally, plus they are healthy snack foods that add extra nutrients right into your mouth as you are chewing them up. Win-win!

If you want to keep your smile bright, or even bring the shade one or two notches closer to the whitest part of the spectrum, these tips can help. If you want to move more than just a notch or two, then contact our office to see what type of professional whitening options you have.


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