The Exciting Side of Floss!

It's never easy to convince people to floss, at least until they realize how much harm is done to their teeth without it!

The most obvious reason to floss is to avoid that awkward conversation every six months where we ask you if you've flossed and you have to respond, "no".

Yea, but how exciting can floss be?

Honestly, it's not terribly exciting. There is no big, instant payoff with flossing. It's a long, road of habit building. But what's at the end of this road?

Well, clean teeth and a beautiful smile is the continued reward that flossing gives you. If that isn't enough, consider the other road, the road where you don't floss.

Down this road lies:
• Bad breath
• Tooth decay
• Dental work
• Dental bills
• Gum Disease
• Tooth loss
• Tooth replacement


It becomes easier to forgo the instant gratification when you realize what the alternative to flossing is.

Woven or Waxed?

This comes up a lot. Woven is a fantastic option for those who need a lot of friction because there is a little bit of extra space between teeth. Woven gives you a little extra oomph when you need lots of surface area.

Waxed floss can be used if your teeth are hard to floss between. When teeth are a bit crowded it can be hard to get a piece of woven floss between them.

The idea that one is better than the other isn't true. The important part isn't what kind of floss you use, it's that you floss. Whatever ends up helping you get the job done is the correct tool for the job.

Getting the Technique Down

Start by gently rocking the floss from one side of the tooth to the other to ease into the gap between the teeth. Once in the gap, sweep the floss along the edge of one tooth down to the gum line.

Bring the floss up the side of the opposing tooth and repeat once if you like. Feel free to massage the gums but don't press too hard!

Please contact us if you have any questions about your dental floss.

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