Tooth Aches can be a Sign of Something More Sinister

There is a fine line that we always walk. When we feel discomfort or pain we often tell ourselves that the issue will fix itself in a day or two. Many times the issue does fix itself in a few days.

But other times, days turns into weeks, and weeks into months, as we grow accustomed to the new pain or discomfort.

As with any issue, it's important to seek our professional help with any pain or discomfort lasting more than a week, lets the problem become something very hard to fix.

When Something Hurts, it's Usually for a Reason

Pain exists to keep us safe, to let us know that something is amiss. When you rest your hand on something hot, your body warns you with a sharp pain, and you can react before too much damage is done.

The same is true for your teeth. When you start to feel a toothache, or maybe some irritation in the gum, if it hasn't cleared up after a week it's important that you call us at (512) 506-9889. If the pain is severe, call us right away.

What could be the problem?

It's hard to know what the issue could be until we get a look at it. Sometimes the issue might not involve pain at all. Sometimes serious issues are only noticeable as a change in the way your teeth fit together or a persistent taste in your mouth.

Whatever the issue, anytime you notice a change, it's important to stay vigilant, and notify us if it lasts for more than a few days.

Schedule and Appointment

Please contact us at (512) 506-9889 to setup an appointment. Many time if there is an urgent need, or if there is extreme pain or trauma associated with the issue, we can schedule you to be seen same day.

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