Unusual Dental Facts You Never Knew

There are so many different things about your teeth and your overall oral health that you never knew. There are new procedures that come out in the dental field on a regular basis.

Some of these facts have to do with dentistry of the past, while others are currently still believed by a lot of people. See how many of these unusual facts you know.

Did You Know...
Just in the plaque on your teeth, there are more than 300 types of bacteria? Are you ready to go get some mouthwash now?

If your toothbrush is within six feet of your toilet, it likely has particles on it that have floated out of the toilet when you flushed. Time to disinfect your toothbrush!

Nearly 75% of adults in the U.S. have some type of gum disease. That's a really big amount of the population! Snails have more than 25,000 teeth in their tiny mouths? Wonder how long that would take to brush...

Toothbrushes weren't commercially available prior to 1938. Before then, brushes were made by hand with a combination of hog, horse, and badger hair. Women smile, on average, over 60 times each day. Men, on average, smile less than 10 times per day.

No two sets of teeth are alike. Even the dental impressions of identical twins are as unique as their fingerprints. Nearly 5 million teeth are lost each year from a sports-related injury. Make sure you always have a mouth guard in!

The next time you are at your dentist's office, see if they know any of these interesting facts. It may surprise them to read through some of them in the same way it did you. Dentistry doesn't have to be a taboo topic, and it can actually be fun to learn about.

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