What Does an Onlay Entail?

When you have a tooth that is decayed we have to repair it or you will lose the tooth. Decayed teeth can be repaired in several ways. We can fill the cavity with amalgam or a composite, we can put a crown on it or we can use inlays or outlays. Which method we use to fix the cavity depends on several factors.

We must take into account the amount of decay the tooth has experienced, where the cavity is located, such as the front teeth or molars, and the cost.

Repair methods are not a one size fits all kind of situation. We typically won't put a silver filling on a front tooth, for example. If the decay is so bad that a lot of your tooth is gone, we may have to go with a crown. It also matters if the root of your tooth has been affected. If it has been than a root canal is also required. But if your damaged tooth is a molar and the damage is too great for a filing, but not so bad that it needs a crown, an only may be an option.

What Is an Onlay?

First of all, an only is typically used on your molars to repair the biting surface of your tooth. If your tooth has too much damage for a traditional filling, then an only may be an option. So, what is only?

An only typically is used to restore the outside damage to your teeth. If the decay has caused damage to the cusps or points of your teeth, then an only could be a reasonable restorative procedure. An only differs from an inlay because of an inlay repairs damage to the inside of your tooth rather than the points and biting surface of your tooth.

Onlays are very durable and can actually strengthen your tooth. It provides a better seal for your tooth than a filling or crown and therefore is better at preventing bacteria from getting in. An inlet is also manufactured specifically for your tooth and requires two visits.

At the first visit, the decayed tooth is cleaned, the decay is removed and an impression is made of your tooth. A temporary onlay is placed on your tooth and the impression is sent off to the lab. The lab will create a customized onlay for you and when it arrives, you will have another appointment to place the dental onlay.

Give us a call if you'd like further information or believe you have a tooth that would benefit.

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