Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Run?

There is a connection between running or jogging and pain in your teeth. There are several reasons why a patient may be feeling pain while they run, and it can be different reasons for different people.

If you are a runner, you've likely experienced many of the following physical ailments including muscle pain, foot and ankle sprains, stomach pains, and teeth pain.

Some runners find tooth pain to come and go with temperature changes, such as summer heat or high humidity, and some find it changes depending on the surface that they are running on. Tooth pain can range from mild, dull aching, just enough for you to be aware of, or sharp, searing sensations of pain.

The running and tooth pain connection

Teeth pain while running can come from a variety of issues, including:

• Running in varying weather conditions. While you are breathing hard, or with your mouth open, you may be inhaling and exhaling cold air onto your teeth.
• Increases in your blood flow while running has been noted to cause pain in your teeth. Along with pressure in your blood flow, your sinuses also build up pressure from the increased flow and that may apply pressure to your teeth.
• Clenching your mouth closed while running on pavement or asphalt can cause a jarring vibration to your teeth.



What can I do?

The best thing you can do is be aware of possible reasons you may be having tooth pain and try to accommodate it. If you find that you clench when running on hard surfaces, try running on a rubber track instead. If you find that your body is sensitive to cold air, avoid running on the colder days.

Pay attention to the signs that your body is presenting you, it may help you know how to adjust for it. In most cases, the pain ceases shortly after you complete your run, so maybe you find that it's a pain you are willing to tolerate.

For pains that do not let up, contact our office, you may have another issue.

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