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At B.J. Myers, DDS and Associates, we care for the entire family. We do not specialize only in adults, or only in children. Instead, we have every member of the family come to us. We establish trust with our patients when young, and continue to care for their dental needs for decades to come.

Our goal is to establish a relationship with each of our patients that goes far beyond just a dentist and a patient, but feels more like turning to a family friend.


The First Years of Dental Visits

When children are young, we ask that parents bring them in and let us get them used to the procedures. We want to make sure that children feel comfortable with the dentist looking at their teeth, and looking around in their mouth. We do comprehensive exams as children age, and we also do cleanings and sealing of teeth as children grow.

Once a child grows up a little and needs more than a simple cleaning, we then work with them to make sure they understand what procedures they would need to have done, and how the procedures go. Giving children information before the procedure allows them to have less anxiety going into it, and gives them better results.

The more trust that is earned early on, the less they worry, fear, or squirm when it comes time to take care of something important

Teenage Years of Dental Visits

Most teenagers come to us looking to find out about braces. Since most of the time, we have been caring for their teeth for a good number of years, we know how their mouth has changed since they were little, and have a great deal of insight as to what type of braces to offer. This long-term experience gives us a better idea of how braces will adjust the look and placement of the teeth, and lets the child (and parents) trust in the advice we have to offer.

Adult Years of Dental Visits

Going through the childhood and teenage years with us, gives us a lot of insight as to how adult teeth are going to hold up. When you have a long established relationship with us, and you come in every six months for your regular care, we can estimate how your teeth are going to change as you age. This allows us to help you by keeping an eye out for issues that we predict you may face as an adult. If you need it, we can help provide crowns, veneers, extractions, Implants, and many other procedures that you may wind up needing as you age.

We find it very important at B.J. Myers, DDS and Associates, that the entire family feel comfortable in our offices. We want to establish that comfort at an early age, and keep it going into the future. The next time anyone in the family is looking for a trusted, respected dental professional, give us a call at (512) 506-9889 and schedule your first visit with our family.


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