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Cavities may be common, but they’re unsightly and only get worse with time. With tooth-colored fillings from the team at Myers Dental on Spicewood Springs Road in Austin, Texas, you can restore your tooth’s strength and be sure that the filling looks like a natural part of the enamel. Book your evaluation for cavities by phone or online at Myers Dental to find out if you need a filling today.

Fillings Q & A

What are fillings?

Fillings are a type of dental treatment for cavities. The team at Myers Dental starts the filling process by identifying the shade of your tooth to use in the making of your filling. Then, they remove the tooth decay with specialized tools that can access the hard-to-reach areas of your inner tooth. 

The team cleans, rinses, and disinfects the tooth after all of the decayed parts are removed. They dry it before applying the filling material one layer at a time. They harden each layer using a bright light before adding the next. Finally, once all of the material has turned solid, they shave off any excess material and make sure the filling blends in seamlessly with your tooth’s shape.

What are fillings made of?

For many years, fillings were made of silver. Teeth are translucent, so you could always tell when a tooth had a filling because it took on a dark gray appearance from the outside. Today, this isn’t a problem. The team at Myers Dental uses tooth-colored fillings made of composite resin to finish the procedure with a tooth that looks natural and keeps its strength.

Composite resin serves many purposes in dentistry. You can find it in your veneers, dental bonding material, and more. It’s a mixture of glass particles and plastic particles that your dentist can match almost exactly to the natural color of your teeth. It lasts for eight years or more and makes your tooth stronger than before. 

How should I care for my fillings?

Caring for your dental fillings doesn’t take much more effort than maintaining your oral health as you normally would. Following these instructions keeps your filling safe and secure while preventing new cavities from forming in your other teeth. The team instructs you to:

  • Brush twice daily
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste
  • Rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash
  • Floss once a day
  • Limit sugary foods and drinks
  • Attend your regular exams and cleanings

If you’re uncertain about the proper brushing method or want additional tips to keep your filling intact, the Myers Dental team is prepared to answer all of your questions thoroughly.

If you’re in need of a well-placed and inconspicuous filling, book an appointment by phone or online at Myers Dental today.