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Dentures are no one-size-fits-all appliance: If you get dentures, the team at Myers Dental on Spicewood Springs Road in Austin, Texas, considers your face’s shape, skin color, and other factors to make sure your dentures look gorgeous and natural whenever you grin. To find out how dentures can improve your smile, call Myers Dental or schedule a visit using the online booking tool today.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are replacement teeth that you can take out of your mouth as needed. The team at Myers Dental custom-crafts your dentures especially for you. They consist of false gums and false teeth to ensure a consistent appearance for your new smile. 

While traditional dentures are held in place with the muscles in your mouth, implant-supported dentures may also be an option if your jawbone is strong enough to hold them. Dental implants are embedded in your jawbone and include attachment pieces that hold onto your set of dentures. 

The team at Myers Dental can help you decide if implant dentures are a safe option for you.

What types of dentures are available?

Beyond implant-supported and non-implant-supported dentures, there are two main types. The type that you need depends on the number of teeth you’re missing and how many of your remaining teeth are healthy. The types are:

Full dentures

Full dentures include a full row of teeth, bottom or top. If none of your remaining natural teeth are healthy or stable enough to hold partials, your dentist extracts them to make room for a full set of dentures. The base of the dentures is pink to look like your gums. If you aren’t eligible for implants to support your full dentures, you can purchase a denture adhesive to help it hold onto your gums.

Partial dentures

If you’re missing several teeth in a row but still have some healthy teeth, too, the team may give you partial dentures. These dentures are anchored to your healthy teeth with a metal framework and contain false teeth to fill the gaps. In some cases, you can get partial dentures cemented to your teeth to hold them in place.

Why should I choose dentures?

If you lose one, several, or all of your teeth, you may be given options for your replacement. While implants are often preferred because of their stability and permanence, dentures are typically necessary if you have no more healthy teeth or if other options aren’t a choice for you.

While they don’t feel like your natural teeth and it might take time to adjust to the new sensations, dentures are far superior to living without any teeth at all. You can still eat what you want and enunciate your words when you speak. Some patients come to appreciate the ability to take their dentures out for a thorough cleansing.

If you’re losing your teeth due to injury or age and want to explore dentures as a replacement option, call Myers Dental or book your appointment online today.