Call Us As Soon as the Symptoms of a Cavity Show Up

Many people avoid coming in for regular checkups because they're afraid we might find cavities or other dental problems. However, this is exactly the reason that you should come into our office.

As soon as you notice symptoms of a cavity, please call our office to make an appointment. In the early stages, small cavities may not require treatment, but letting the issue go will only lead to bigger problems later.

Treating Tooth Decay without a Filling

If you notice signs of tooth decay before it becomes an actual cavity, we may be able to treat it without a filling. We can recommend dietary changes, such as reducing your intake of acidic and sugary foods. Enamel-protecting rinses and toothpastes might help, and fluoride treatment can also strengthen thin enamel.

Why Fillings Are Important

If a filling is necessary, it is important to have it done right away. The bacteria that caused the cavity can easily start damaging the other teeth if allowed to remain. If the bacteria attacks another tooth, you may end up with a serious problem that requires a bigger dental procedure to correct.

Before a filling is put into a cavity, the damaged tooth will be thoroughly cleaned. This includes removal of all signs of decay from a mouth. If the cavity isn't treated, the tooth will continue to decay and may ultimately develop an abscess. An infection associated with an abscessed tooth can even migrate to other parts of the body.

The longer that you put off your visit, the more involved – and expensive – cavity treatment becomes. That's why you should always call our office at the first sign of trouble. Plus, regular cleanings and evaluations allow us to monitor the health of your teeth and make recommendations on how to prevent cavities before they strike. Call us today to learn more.

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