Questions to Ask When Fear Grips You Before a Dental Visit

The fear of visiting the dentist is quite common. Three quarters of all people who visit our offices experience some form of anxiety. Anxieties range from mild, moderate, to severe.

Fear by itself is not a problem. The problem arises when your fears are so great that you avoid going to the dentist. You need to understand that you can overcome this fear or minimize its effects. Here are a few questions to ask when you are feeling anxious.

Understand Your Dental Fears

The first step to overcome your dental phobia is understanding it. Your anxieties may be caused by fear of needles or you may be irritated by the sound of the drill. Some people may have previously had a bad experience that may have resulted in pain or complications.

Determining the cause of your fears will put you in a better position to explain it to our dentist, so that you can overcome it. The dentist can devise techniques that ensure you are in a state of total relaxation and comfort throughout the procedure.

Talking to Your Dentist

It is critical that you communicate your fears and anxiety before the procedure. Our dentists use a ‘no pressure' approach. You can book an appointment to talk to the dentist about the procedures and the associated risks and complications, as well as how to avoid them.

This is the time to ask questions and seek clarifications. Talking to the dentist alone has a positive effect and can considerably reduce your fears and anxieties.

Our medical practitioners can also prescribe appropriate sedation to ensure you are calm and relaxed during the procedure. The type of sedation that will be administered will depend on how long and how extensive the procedure is.

Our surgical dentists are trained to handle and administer different types of anesthesia. Contact us for more information on how to overcome dental phobias and restore your oral health.

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