Things to Avoid When You Have Dental Veneers


Veneers are complicated little things. First off, they are little porcelain pieces that bond to your tooth surface to cosmetically enhance them. They cover cracks, chips, misalignment, or discoloration.

Not everyone can get them, but those who can have to make some changes to their lives potentially. More often than not, it is certain foods that should be avoided in order to avoid damaging the veneer or the tooth behind it.

Most insurances will not cover the placement of veneers, as they are categorically cosmetic, but that can be adjusted and repairs to damage or wear and tear may be able to get covered.

What You Should Avoid

There are two sets of veneers that you get in a procedure, temporary at first, and then the permanent set is installed. The temporary ones are exactly that, temporary. You need to take extra caution with them as they are susceptible to shifting or breaking. You should avoid ingesting anything sticky, such as taffy or gum, as it can pull at and shift the veneers.

You should also avoid anything that can stain the teeth, such as coffee, wine, or dark berries. Meat that is difficult to chew or nuts/seeds can also cause damage. You can, however, eat softer foods, like eggs, pasta, small chicken pieces, or soft fruits. Once your permanent veneers are installed, that list decreases slightly.

You should avoid frequently drinking alcohol as it can mess up the bond between the tooth and veneer, and you should avoid anything that stains, similar to the temporary version.

It is essential that you avoid anything that requires an abundance of bite force, and grinding your teeth is a definite no. If you are in the habit of clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth, your veneers might not have the long life that you would desire out of them.

At that point, it may be better to find a different alternative for enhancing your smile. Practicing good oral health and hygiene is just as important with veneers as it is with your natural teeth.

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