What to Do If Your Filling is Uneven

Getting one or more teeth filled is never a fun process, but it is very common and it often goes on without a hitch. Occasionally, you will go home after getting a filling and realize that your filling is not sitting quite right in your mouth to where it contacts the opposing tooth and causes discomfort.

If you find yourself facing an uneven filling, you need to give your dentist a call because he or she left you with a filling that is just a bit too high.

What to Do About a High Filling

A high filling is one that is just a bit higher than what your tooth was naturally, causing it to contact the opposing tooth before the rest of your bite comes together, leaving you in pain.

The high filling pushes down on the tender bits in your tooth, leaving your mouth reeling from the pain. Your dentist will likely have you come in right away and take a few minutes to grind down the top of the filling a little more thoroughly so that you can bite down evenly.

Most dentists do not charge for this because they were the ones that put in the fillings, and they know it can be hard to tell if your filling is lined up right when your mouth is numb. It only takes a couple of minutes, and can leave you feeling much better when you walk back out of their office.

There may be some residual pain for up to two weeks after getting your filling ground down, but it should be manageable. If you still notice pain after that two-week window, make sure you go back in and contact our office again as it typically means something else is going on with your tooth.

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